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Reducing Price For Padlock Cloud

Monday, Oct 9, 2017

Since we announced the introduction of a paid plan for Padlock Cloud, one thing that has been a hot topic both with our users and internally is the price point. Many people pointed out that while $3.99 per month is not a huge sum, there are many services that offer similar features for a lower price. Pricing is always a tricky topic. Developing and mainting a service like Padlock Cloud (and, by extension, the Padlock app itself) is more costly and time consuming than many people realize. And with the Padlock app being completely free, income from Padlock Cloud subscriptions is the only way to cover these costs.

However, we understand that for many people, $3.99 can be a hard pill to swallow. We believe that applications like Padlock play a vital role in protecting peoples privacy in an increasingly digitialized world and should be accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. This is why today we’re lowering the price of Padlock Cloud to only $1 a month. With this price change also comes a change in the billing period to one year which will help reducing the price by cutting down transaction costs (and, incidentally, was requested by many users regardless of the price).

The new yearly plan is available effective immediately for all new users signing up for a Padlock Cloud subscription via the Padlock Cloud Dashboard. If you have an existing active subscription and want to switch over from the more expensive monthly plan, simply send us an email and we’ll make the change for you. Of course the remaining time on your current billing cycle will be credited towards the new plan.

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