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Get Started With Padlock Cloud

Thursday, Jan 11, 2018

Padlock Cloud is an online storage service for Padlock that allows you to securely store your data in the cloud where you can access it conveniently from all your different devices. Getting started with Padlock Cloud is simple! This article will show you, how.

1. Setup Padlock

First, you’ll want to have the Padlock app installed on all your devices you want to access your data with. You can find versions for all major platforms on our downloads page.

When you launch Padlock for the first time, it’ll guide through a simple setup process. In the first step, it’ll ask you to provide the email address for your Padlock Cloud account, then you’ll continue by selecting and confirming your master password.

Enter Your Padlock Cloud Email Address

Hint: If you skipped providing a Padlock Cloud email during the setup process you can always do this later in the Padlock Cloud settings screen (the little cloud icon in the header bar).

2. Check Your Email

When you finish the setup process, Padlock will send an email to the address you provided. Check your inbox and open the link enclosed in the email. It’ll take you to the Padlock Cloud Dashboard where you’ll be shown a success message.

Device Paired Success Message

The Padlock Cloud Dashboard is where you can manage your Padlock Cloud account, see all you paired devices and more. You can return here any time by visiting in your browser. For now, return to the app where you should be shown another success message. If no success message is shown, go to the Padlock Cloud settings screen (the little cloud icon in the header bar) and click Refresh.

Device Paired Success Message 2

3. Enter Your Data

Once you’ve setup Padlock on your fist device and paired it with your Padlock Cloud account, you can start entering your data. Padlock will automatically synchronize all new entries with your Padlock Cloud account (you can turn this behavior off by disabling Auto Sync in the Padlock Cloud settings).

Enter Your Data

4. Setup And Pair Your Other Devices

Now that all you data is securely stored in you Padlock Cloud account you can easily access from your other devices! To do this, simply follow steps 1 and 2 from above on each of your devices. Make sure to use the same email and master password every time!

5. Keep Your Data Synchronized

By default, Padlock will automatically synchronize you data with your Padlock Cloud account every time you unlock the app, add a new record or make a change to an existing one. You can also synchronize manually by clicking Synchronize in the Padlock Cloud screen.


I’m not receiving an email when trying to pair my device.

If no email shows up in your inbox, go to the Padlock Cloud screen and make sure you’ve provided the correct address without any typos. If the email address shown there is incorrect, click Cancel, enter your correct email address and click Pair Device. It’s also possible that the email ended up in your spam folder so make sure to check there as well!

Some changes I’ve made on one device don’t show up on my other device.

Try to manually synchronize both devices. The order is important here - first synchronize the device you made the changes on, then the other device. Also make sure both devices are paired with the same Padlock Cloud account!

When tyring to synchronize, the app prompts me for a password but entering my master password doesn’t work.

This happens if you’ve previously synchronized the app with your Padlock Cloud account while using a different master password. If you remember which password you were using previously, try that one. If you can’t remember, you’ll have to reset your data stored on your Padlock Cloud account. You can do this from the Padlock Cloud Dashboard. Once you’ve done this, you should be able to synchronize normally.

I’m getting an error message.

This may be due to a temporary server outage, a problem with your network connection other other things. Simply try again a while later. If the problem persists, please contact us at

We hope this article was helpful! If you have any question of feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us at!

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